Are you new to Rise Of Cultures? This online strategy game, with engaging gameplay mechanics, city-building features, and strategic combat elements, has a dedicated player base worldwide. It offers a wealth of resources to its community through various channels like its own official YouTube account. But how can players leverage Rise Of Cultures’ YouTube channel videos to enhance their gameplay? If you’ve just started playing the game, browse some of the video recommendations below to become a great RoC player!

Through a range of tutorial videos, tips and tricks, event guides, and more, the RoC YouTube channel serves as a valuable resource for players looking to delve deeper into the intricacies of the game. Recently, our YouTube channel surpassed the 35,000 subscriber mark, and as a ‘thank you’ note, we want to share with you a list of some of the best video content that can help you become a better player.

  1. Tutorial Videos: Our tutorial videos cover various aspects of the game, such as city building, military strategy, and quest completion. By watching these tutorials, you’ll learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the game, including the best ways to improve your strategy and understand new features and mechanics better. On the Alliance Treasure Hunt tutorial, for instance, players learn to go on a 6-day journey to the pirates’ islands to win valuable prizes from their treasure chambers. We publish these types of videos on a frequent basis to keep our players informed so they can learn about the game’s mechanics. To avoid missing any future tutorials, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not.
  2. Tips and Tricks: The channel offers tips and tricks for optimizing gameplay, such as efficient resource management, effective combat strategies, and maximizing production. Implementing tips, like the ones advised in the ‘How To Use Your Workers More Efficiently’ video, will teach you strategic moves that you can use in your favour to produce food and goods wisely, since the number of Workers in your city is severely limited by the maximum number of Homes and the limited construction space for Evolving Buildings. Were you aware of that? If not, these types of videos will ease your playtime. We suggest you browse our channel to find them and learn the secrets they share.
  3. Event Guides: Our team enjoys launching new in-game events for our players, and this is why we frequently publish event guides on our YouTube channel to inform you about unique new challenges. With a nice visual walkthrough, we take you through these events offering you valuable insights on how to complete quests efficiently and earn exclusive rewards. Watch our Mongol Event Guide which is our most recent launched event, and get ready for the challenge!
  4. New Features: Some of our RoC videos introduce you to new features to increase the level of challenges you face playing the game. Taking advantage of the benefits of these new features will enhance your participation in battles, and even help you upgrade your city. If you are willing to join the fun, check out this ‘Build Your Alliance City’ feature video, a challenge you can explore alongside other members. If you already knew how this feature functions, maybe you can deep dive into our monthly Season Pass feature to find new monthly challenges and even bring back rewards from past events.
  5. New Eras Previews: The YouTube channel may also showcase upcoming places, times to explore, and expansions for Rise Of Cultures. Watch these previews to stay informed about upcoming changes and plan your gameplay accordingly. Have you already explored the Kingdom of Sicily and Arabia? If not, this video might help you out.
  6. Best Buildings: Needless to say, Rise Of Cultures is a game where city-building mechanics are its ‘bread and butter.’ So which buildings should you aim to acquire? On our YouTube channel, we also provide item suggestions you can implement to continue upgrading your city, just like we do through our Evolving Buildings Rank video where you can find some of the best buildings in the game.
  7. Interviews: Don’t we all love to gain valuable insights into the game development process? As an added bonus, our YouTube channel also hosts interviews with the RoC product team where they discuss the game features, community feedback, and more things related to the Rise Of Cultures’ universe. Find out here if they answered some of the questions that you have.

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