Rise of Cultures has always been about building and strategizing your way to the top. Now, with the introduction of our Player Encounters feature, the game reaches new heights of excitement and competition. Available upon unlocking the “Arenas” technology in the Minoan Era, Player Encounters bring a dynamic element to your gameplay, letting you pit your strategies against other players in thrilling battles. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of this feature!

Discovering Player Encounters

Once you’ve advanced to the Minoan Era and unlocked the “Arenas” technology, you’ll notice a new icon to the right of your Campaign Map. This is your gateway to Player Encounters. The seasons run for six days, and a countdown beneath the icon will keep you informed of the remaining time to engage in battles and climb the ranks.

Getting Started

Upon entering the Player Encounters screen, you’ll find several elements. The top left corner displays the name of the current season and the time left. You’ll also see your Defense and Offense Crowns, and your Attack Attempts. Two main buttons – one for starting an attack and another for setting up your defenses – are prominently displayed. To the right, the ranking of your current league, ordered by Strategy Points, helps you keep track of your standing.

Setting Up Your Defenses  

What should you do first? Undoubtedly, your first step should be setting up a robust defense. Without a strong defensive setup, you make it easy for others to gain points by attacking you. Tap the “Set Defense” button to start replacing the default militia with your own units. Remember, these units are taken from your barracks and will need to be recruited again once stationed. They will fight for you in every defensive battle, regardless of the outcome. Don’t forget to select your preferred commanders to lead your defenses! Once everything is in place, save your defensive setup and return to the main screen.

Launching an Attack

Now you are ready to go on the offensive! Select “Start Attack” to view a list of potential opponents. Here, you’ll see each opponent’s name, era, defensive units, and the Strategy Points you can gain by defeating them. Choose from easy, average, or difficult opponents, with potential rewards ranging from 10 to 999 Strategy Points. Hit the “Start attack” button to begin the battle. Note that starting an attack immediately uses one Attack Attempt, even if you withdraw. However, don’t worry – Attack Attempts regenerate every two hours.

The Heat of Battle  

The battles in Player Encounters are similar to regular battles in Rise of Cultures, with an added twist. You can enter the Arsenal for additional items that might be useful. Deploy your army, select your commanders, and use Mercenary Commanders for extra firepower when attacking. Once you’re ready, initiate the attack and strive for victory. After the battle, the summary screen will display your updated Strategy Points and remaining Attack Attempts. Winning a battle also earns you Offense Crowns.

Earning Crowns and Using the Arsenal

Offense Crowns are rewards for winning battles, while Defense Crowns are earned when your defense successfully repels an attack. Both are valuable in the Arsenal, accessible from the main feature window. You can also use the Arsenal to buy items to bolster your capabilities as both an attacker and a defender.

Climbing the Ranks

Your collected Strategy Points determine your league placement. At the end of each season, the top 10% of players move up a league, while the bottom 10% are relegated. The higher your league and placement, the better the rewards. Keep an eye on the reward tiers under the “info” icon next to your point total to see what’s up for grabs!

The Rewards  

Are you enticed to join the competition? Participation in Player Encounters is entirely voluntary – you won’t be raided or lose resources if you choose not to engage. However, the rewards for participating are compelling. Earn resources, commanders, puzzle pieces, and the prestigious Fountain of Youth – an evolving building that boosts Heavy Infantry hit points, adds culture, and generates Research Points, available in higher tiers starting in the Gold League.

Join the Community

We hope you relish the strategic depth and friendly competition of Player Encounters. If you want to check a visual walkthrough of our Players Encounters feature, check our YouTube account here. We can’t wait to see your strategies in action! Enjoy Player Encounters and may the best strategist win!

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