Forge of Empires just added the most interesting new feature for everyone who likes to have a regular competitive guild challenge and loves strategic city building as well as turn-based combat: Quantum Incursions!

Before you can use the portal to undiscovered lands, you must be part of a guild and have researched the “Chain of Command” technology. Ready? Let’s teleport through the Quantum Portal and explore what awaits!

Quantum Portal

In Quantum Incursions, your guild will step onto the Quantum Map, facing a series of encounters unlike any before. From strategic battles to donations, each node on the map is a step closer to glory. But just pressing on won’t work – coordination is key!

First, your guild needs one or more Quantum Officers who will decide the path and difficulty level of your incursion. Check which node types you can tackle and which ones you should avoid on your way to the final boss battle.

Second, the Quantum Settlement is a must. This is where you’ll produce everything needed to triumph on the map. Quantum Coins, Supplies, and special Quantum Goods are just the start. Producing these resources promptly will ensure your guild’s victory in encounters and aid in swiftly navigating through nodes, enabling your success on the Quantum Leaderboards.

Not a Forge of Empires player yet? You can join the fun whenever you like: Quantum Incursions is split into Seasons and Championships, with six seasons forming a Championship. As Quantum Incursions takes place in a far-away realm with no connection to your city other than the Quantum Portal, you don’t need to be afraid of being is disadvantage as a new player. And better yet: You bring the rewards you can earn from Quantum Incursions to your city!

Looking for more details on Quantum Incursions and how to maximise your rewards? Dive deep into our feature video playlist and equip yourself with all the knowledge needed for victory!

– Vivien Redmann –
Junior Social Media Specialist, InnoGames