picture depicting a forest in the night, covered with snow. You also see five different coloured balls showing the five logos of the games the blog post is about. The caption of the image says: "We introduce: Winter Events 2023"

No matter where you are, winter events in games are an excellent way to enjoy a warm, quiet, and snowy winter! No more runny noses, slipping on ice streets, or needing to put on gloves! You don’t ever have to brave the cold to enjoy all the charm of winter! 
We are in the middle of the holiday season, and so many winter events in various of our games have already started! Whether you’re looking to fill a quiet evening with adventure after a day of festive activities or seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush: We offer a variety of winter adventures in our free-to-play games for your smartphone or browser. Let’s explore the winter events that five of our games have in store for you! 

Sunrise Village – Take care of adorable farm animals and rebuild the village!

The vast and gorgeous Sunrise Village is full of mysteries, secrets, and surprises, not to mention adorable farm animals!
However, the winter event is a fan favorite for a good reason—you go on an exciting expedition in the North Pole and explore several ice mazes that are full of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. As the Winter event offers a ton of resources, fantastic rewards, and exclusive prizes, it’s regarded as a good time to start your Sunrise Village experience!

Forge of Empires – Develop your city through the ages of history!

Do you enjoy opening gifts and calendar doors a lot? If so, the Forge of Empires “Winter event” is ideal for you because it comes with its own winter calendar AND gifts for you to open!
That’s not all, though—as you complete the Winter event quests, which, depending on your graphics settings, cause snow to fall in your city, you may use the stunning and unique structures you can earn to construct your very own winter paradise!
One of them is this years’ main protagonist of Forges’ winter event, the Winter Wonderland Pyramid! It is based on a multi-story wooden building you can find as an eye-catching decoration only in winter at many markets in Germany. 

Rise of Cultures – Dive into the well-known cultures of humankind! 

Depending on where you reside in the world, winter can be quite cold and gloomy! While the sun is nowhere to be seen, windows, trees, yards, and buildings all gleam beautifully because of the vibrant lights.
In Rise of Cultures, your quest progress in the winter event will turn a quaint but pitch-black village into a joyful, gorgeous town 
Unlike other Inno city building games, you may create a festive and snowy atmosphere in your city without having to create any more area or tear down houses. Instead, you utilize customizations to give your key city structures a temporary makeover and wonderful perks, so that when the next event starts, your city will be ready for another makeover!

Elvenar – Build the fantasy city of your dreams! 

The magical world of Elvenar is the ideal choice if you enjoy fantasy games.
Shortly after making the tough choice between the Human and Elves races, which greatly affects how your city and the plot appear, you may start having fun with the Winter Magic Event: Collect keys to unlock mailboxes with Olla, an adorable owl, by your side to earn tons of prizes.
We can assure you that the buildings you may gradually construct during the game are already rather lovely, but the winter event in Elvenar has breathtakingly gorgeous structures like unmatched ice sculptures!

Grepolis – Become an emperor of Ancient Greece!

More than any other of the games in the list, Grepolis efforts players to strategize and collaborate with other players to bring their city to the top! For this year’s Winter Event, the Gods of Grepolis have blessed everyone playing the winter event with the opportunity to earn their divine gifts. 
At first glance, the winter event minigame in Grepolis appears similar to Elvenar’s.  
However, the special event “Gods’ Gifts” has multiple sized rewards, which are hidden in locked boxes like ships in the classic game “Battleship”. While some rewards take up only one open door to be revealed, others take multiple doors unlocking the bigger rewards and cleaning the whole board. Especially if you have played Grepolis in the past, we can recommend you come back for this special occasion!
Be quick, as Gods’ Gifts ends on December 20, 2023!

This concludes the introduction of InnoGames’ winter events! Whichever game you decide to play over the holidays, we hope you have fun:
Sunrise Village: Click
Forge of Empires: Click
Rise of Cultures: Click
Elvenar: Click
Grepolis: Click

If you curious to learn more about one of our most experimental events, check out our blog post about the new “Halloween event” in Forge of Empires!

Vivien Redmann 

-Trainee Community Management-