The gaming industry is an exciting universe where virtual worlds come to life and players embark on epic adventures, here, the importance of a seamless customer support for players cannot be overstated. For InnoGames, providing top-notch customer support is not just a service; it’s one of the most important aspects to connecting players with our ‘Innoverse’. 

As players invest time, effort, and often money into their virtual pursuits, creating a unique bond with the game community, the need for responsive and effective customer support becomes paramount. We at InnoGames recognize this, therefore our efforts always aim to keep strengthening our online support system to cater to all evolving needs of our players. 

One of the key elements that we constantly improve, to offer a satisfactory online game support to our community is our synergy with external supporters, and this is in fact, what makes our customer support unique and robust. We count with a vast number of international professionals that support InnoGames both internally and externally to provide aid to our players. On a daily basis, these specialists share their knowledge to solve the inquiries and support tickets we receive. We have professionals who cover different geographies and languages. They are a part of a large network of passionate CMs (Community Managers) and supporters who come from our gaming communities. These people are usually players themselves, which means that they can give the best support possible, as they know our games inside out. They are the spinal cord of a customer support strategy that has been growing year after year at InnoGames. 

To optimize the assistance of this group of dedicated professionals, we focus on evaluating the following tasks as more supporters join our support circle: 

  • Timely Assistance: In the fast-paced world of gaming, issues can arise at any moment. Whether it’s a technical glitch, payment problem, or a gameplay-related query, providing quick assistance is crucial. This is why first response times are tracked through our ticketing system. They are critical in our customer support approach. In parallel, our supporters also respond to concerns on social media to address player issues promptly. 
  • Communication with the community: Gaming is not just about playing; it’s about being part of a community. In InnoGames we foster a sense of belonging by actively communicating with our player base through forums, social media, and in-game communication channels. Through our social accounts for instance, our group of supporters constantly nurture these relationships by identifying key conversations, assigning support inquiries to those in charge, and helping players build trust towards their game of choice. We assist our customers through active communication, and as consequence, we create a positive gaming environment all around. 
  • Adaptability Across Platforms: With InnoGames catering to both mobile and browser platforms, the customer support infrastructure demands to be adaptable. Whether a player is experiencing an issue on a smartphone or on their computer browser of choice, the support system can be accessed through any platform and directly from the game. This adaptability of our team of supporters, covering multiple platforms at once, ensures a consistent and reliable experience for players. 
  • Proactive Problem Resolution: Anticipating potential issues before they escalate is a hallmark of effective customer support. As we have a large team of professionals that provide support in different time zones and languages, we employ a proactive approach by analyzing player feedback, monitoring in-game metrics, and staying ahead of emerging trends. This foresight and the feedback we receive from our team, allows us to address issues before they become widespread, enhancing player satisfaction. 
  • Transparency: The open and honest communication our Specialists implement is crucial in building trust with players. If there are known issues or delays, they aim to provide realistic timelines for resolution, although sometimes this can be challenging. In any case, our support team pushes to keep the communication open with our players and inform them of any progress as soon as it is possible. Also, our channels of communication are diverse to offer players the possibility to contact us through their mean of choice. Our commitment is towards the player community, at the same time that we provide the fastest and most efficient solution possible at hand. 

In summary, in the ever-expanding universe of gaming, online customer support serves as the gravitational force that keeps players connected and engaged. InnoGames, committed to excellence in customer support, exemplifies the importance of this area of business by committing to the points expressed above through an extended group of professionals with strong knowledge on the gaming industry, our products, and customer assistance. These allies support our internal structure and extend the efforts we implement in all our titles to optimize our support through the systems in places and the tools at hand. As the digital gaming landscape continues to evolve, we recognize the pivotal role that customer support plays in shaping our players experience. With an enhanced customer support, our ultimate goal is to ensure that players not only enjoy our products, but also feel valued and supported throughout their gaming journeys. Ultimately, all we desire is for you to be happy with the game that you love. 

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