Sunrise Village

Welcome to Sunrise Village, a heartwarming creation by InnoGames GmbH tailored for those who cherish the art of nurturing and exploration. This comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of a thriving farm life in the enchanting world of Sunrise Village.

Getting Started

Embark on your adventure effortlessly by entering Sunrise Village through either the mobile app or your preferred browser. Personalize your virtual self by creating an avatar that resonates with your unique style. The in-game tutorial will seamlessly guide you through the fundamentals, from planting your first seeds to mastering resource management.

Maintaining Energy and Gold

Fuel your progress by wisely managing your energy and gold resources. These elements serve as the lifeblood of your farm, enabling you to boost production and venture further into the realm of exploration. Strive for a harmonious balance that ensures a steady flow of farm produce.

Leveling Up

As you accumulate experience, unlock a tapestry of new structures and diverse crop varieties. Navigate the delicate balance between costs and long-term benefits to maximize the growth potential of your farm. Each level attained unfolds new opportunities, contributing to the richness of your virtual agricultural landscape.


The backbone of your farm’s economy, coins are essential for growth. Acquire them through completing orders, embarking on thrilling treasure hunts, and actively participating in various in-game activities. A robust coin reserve empowers your farm to flourish on every front.

Resources and Animals

Manage a diverse spectrum of resources, ranging from milk to iron, with meticulous care. Cherish the delightful animals that bring life to your farm, understanding their roles in fostering a thriving settlement. Wise resource management and a happy animal community are the keys to prosperity.

Multilingual Play

Sunrise Village embraces diversity by supporting multiple languages. Choose the language that best suits you, immersing yourself in a gaming experience tailored to your preferences. Stay tuned for even more language options in the future.

Step into Sunrise Village and join our flourishing community! May your journey be as rewarding as the bountiful harvests that await you!