Elvenar Beginners guide

Greetings, fellow citizens of Elvenar! 🌟🏰🌿 So, you’ve just stepped into the enchanting realm of Elvenar, ready to build your fantasy city and embark on an epic journey. Fear not, for I’m here to be your guide through the initial steps of this magical adventure.

Choosing Your Destiny: Elves or Humans?

As you enter Elvenar, the first decision awaits – Elves or Humans? Elves, with their magical sophistication, or Humans, industrious and determined? Your choice influences your city’s appearance and military units, so choose wisely. The good news? You can explore both races on different game servers.

Navigating the City Map and Resources

The City Map is your canvas, and the initial 15×10 tile setup is your starting point. But, ah, the challenge lies in expanding wisely. The Main Hall and Builders’ Hut are your foundation, so connect them with streets for functionality.

Now, let’s talk resources – the lifeblood of your city. Coins and Supplies are your basics. Coins flow from Residences, while Supplies require a visit to the Workshop. And here’s a pro-tip: collect all productions at once by clicking and dragging your mouse through the buildings. Efficient, right?

Foundations of Growth: First Steps

Your city needs inhabitants, so start with Residences. Build at least eight to ensure a steady population and coin income. Simultaneously, produce Supplies early on for construction and military training. Cultural Buildings are the secret sauce for upgrades, so maintain a balance for a thriving city.

Explore, Scout, and Connect

As your city flourishes, explore the World Map, scout neighboring provinces, and uncover hidden treasures. Events, Tournaments, Seasons, Spire, and Fellowship Adventures await, adding layers to your Elvenar experience.

Interact, Trade, and Manage

Engage with neighbors; visit their cities, assist them, and reap the rewards. The Trader feature is your strategic ally – exchange goods wisely. And if you’re swimming in surplus goods, the Wholesaler is your go-to for maintaining a balanced economy.

Upgrade and Evolve

Elvenar evolves with you. Work on Story Quests after the tutorial, upgrade your buildings regularly, and pay attention to standard goods like marble, steel, and lumber. Focus on one resource and trade smartly.

In Elvenar, it’s not just about building a city; it’s about crafting a legacy. So, fellow adventurer, listen to your advisors, complete quests regularly, and revel in the joy of watching your city prosper. The journey has just begun – may your fantasy realm thrive! 🌿🏰🌟