Our YouTube channels serve as a dynamic centre for community engagement, providing a platform where players can interact with fellow enthusiasts, exchange experiences, and seek guidance from seasoned players and content creators. Our in-game events not only inject excitement into our games but also contribute significantly to our Youtube content. That’s why we’re presenting a rundown of our latest events content on the platform, offering you a glimpse of all the videos you can watch to learn about the exciting features and minigames our main titles have in store for players like yourself. Whether you’re in search of strategic insights, eager to know what goes on with other titles, or simply seeking entertainment, this video list that amasses events from the last month is tailored for your enjoyment!

Most recent in-game events:

  1. Sunrise Village’s Starfall Event: This time the shooting stars have targeted the island of Naiada, the main island of the Aquamarine Archipelago. In this new challenge, players are prompted to acquire all the Colourful Gemstones to unlock the main prize of the event: The Space Jellyfish! But how can you do it? Check our event video here for more information.
  2. Rise Of Cultures’ Ancient Greek Event: Don’t we all love Greek mythology? For this one, we made Hercules our protagonist as you explore this minigame to obtain Evolution Tokens for Elysian Field, Trojan Horse and even Hydra Monument evolving buildings! Sounds fun, right? You can check this Youtube video for more information on how to succeed playing this event.
  3. Forge Of Empires’ Anniversary Event: Celebrating 12 years of this amazing title, we recently launched the anniversary event where you could join the Key Master Lilith to complete her quests and obtain Energy to spawn precious Gems on the board! Each spawned Gem had a random colour and would help you release other locked Gems by merging two Gems of the same colour and size. If you could not join the fun in time and enjoy the event before it finished, make sure to stay tuned to our Youtube account so you don’t miss any news on upcoming events for Forge Of Empires.
  4. Elvenar’s Spring Event: What a better way to explore an event by learning tips from some of our Content Creators? For this one, iDavis shares his best tips so players can get the most out of the Buzzing Spring event and the Golden Hive set! Keep in mind that reaching the 320 Enchanted Flower requirement to obtain one additional building, can result in having two main buildings with fully activated Spell Fragments productions,. Follow iDavis’ Tips through this fun video to learn how to do it.

Did you find any of the minigames above appealing? This list gives you a small glimpse on the type of content we constantly work on for you, and also a glimpse to how we are pushing events to make our games more engaging and dynamic for players like you! To make sure you don’t miss our announcements on future events, and you continue learning about InnoGames’ portfolio, visit our corporate website or follow us on social media. You can find the handles of your favourite game in the product page of your title of interest.