In the world of online gaming, following the rhythm of the seasons offers a way to keep content fresh, engaging, and exciting for our players. If you are one of these players and always wondered how things look behind the scenes at InnoGames, this is your lucky day. Join us as we unravel how our in-game events come to life. You will get a good understanding of the process and how we come up with seasonal events for players like you.

Seasonal Magic

Understanding and harnessing the nuances of seasons provides a unique opportunity to create vibrant, evolving game environments that mirror the real world’s changes for game development. At InnoGames, this principle has become a cornerstone of our development strategy, allowing us to forge deeper connections with our community while keeping the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

Seasonal Content: A Window to New Worlds

Creating seasonal content is not just a reaction to the changing weather outside, or to a cultural annual festivity, but an opportunity to introduce new narratives, special events, and unique items that revive the gameplay. As an example, you can take the special characters, the two Rival Challenges, and the three new Boosters that were introduced in our recent St. Patrick´s day event for Forge of Empires. Whether it’s a winter wonderland filled with festive quests or a spring festival. Each season breathes new life into our games, offering players a reason to return and explore.

Case in point is our latest event in Sunrise Village, the Spring Festival Event (watch here if you missed it!). This event invited players to celebrate Easter by combining aspects of the holiday with in-game fun. Players would search for colourful Easter eggs to collect in their baskets and collecting enough eggs would warrant the grand prize “Spring Buddies”. The event-specific in-game rewards also take on the theme of the season and progressing in the event would unlock the special Easter themed bunny outfit for your character as well as unique decoration trophies and the spring bicycle reward!

Strategic Timing and Planning

Implementing seasonality into games requires careful planning and timing. We start by mapping out the year, identifying key seasonal milestones and accompanying them with content that complements the season’s essence. This planning ensures that our content not only feels appropriate and timely but also gives our team clear direction and deadlines to work towards, optimizing our development process.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Our community stands at the centre of our seasonal content creation. Engaging with players, gathering their feedback, and monitoring participation levels allow us to fine-tune our approach to our games. In games like Elvenar you can join the beta-version to have the opportunity to test the game, its features, and provide feedback. We always take notes on the valuable feedback you provide to us to shape our games in the best way possible, so we encourage you to play with it! For players like you, beta-versions are always a nice opportunity to share insights and have an impact. This feedback is crucial for ensuring that our seasonal activities resonate with our audience, leading to higher engagement rates and a more vibrant community.

The introduction of seasonal content has proven to impact player engagement and retention. By offering new challenges and rewards that align with the season, we encourage players to dive back into our games, fostering a lively and active community.

Looking to the Future

As we look into the future, the importance of events leveraging seasonality and festivities in game development only grows. It represents a dynamic and engaging way to connect with players through new challenges and rewards offerings, enhancing a gaming experience that evolves with each new launched event.

Our journey through the seasons is more than just a creative goal; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing our community with an immersive, engaging gaming experience. Through each season, we aim to bring not just new content but also new stories, challenges, and adventures that resonate with our players, making every season an opportunity to explore, discover, and celebrate the magic of gaming.