Welcome, fellow warriors and city-builders, to a momentous occasion in the world of online gaming! Our beloved game that came from the ancient Gods is having its 14th anniversary, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate it along your side, our epic and powerful players!

It’s been 14 incredible years since the launch of Grepolis, a strategic masterpiece developed by our visionary team in InnoGames. Today, we gather to celebrate this enduring journey through the sands of time, as players from all corners of the globe unite to honour their cities, alliances, and the epic battles that have defined this beloved game.

Grepolis, an amalgamation of the words “Greek” and “polis” (city), takes players on a journey back to ancient Greece, where they are tasked with building thriving cities, assembling powerful armies, and forging alliances with other players. From its humble beginnings, Grepolis has evolved into a captivating blend of strategy, diplomacy, and warfare.

To commemorate this anniversary we want to share with you some fun facts about this mythical game and its growth in the last 14 years:

  • The game is currently available in 24 markets
  • Grepolis has been translated to a whooping 21 different languages (that’s a lot of words!)
  • The number of updates the game has received since its launch surpasses the thousands
  • In the current version, you can find up to 22 mythical buildings
  • How many technologies can you find in Grepo? Well, no less than 41 technologies
  • We all have a favourite heroe, don’t we? In Grepolis you can choose your designated warrior from a portfolio of 38 amazing unique heroes
  • This game would not be what it is without its mythical and godly elements, meaning that here you can also find 8 powerful gods
  • During these 14 years, we have created an international community of players that enjoy Grepolis even from some of the most exotic and wonderful corners of our Planet. Just to give you an example, we currently have 9 players in Antarctica, 1 in North Korea, and 20 in the Vatican! Isn’t that amazing?!

This anniversary celebration would not be complete without acknowledging you, the vibrant and passionate Grepolis community. Over the years, you have come together to share strategies, stories of epic victories, and forge lasting friendships. The forums, social media groups, and fan sites are bustling hubs of activity, reflecting the deep connection players feel to this timeless game, and we cannot thank you enough.

As Grepolis enters and approaches its 15th year, there’s no doubt that the journey is far from over. InnoGames continues to support and update the game, ensuring that it remains relevant and exciting for both veterans and newcomers. With each passing year, Grepolis continues to evolve, offering fresh challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills. Stay tuned for more to come, and continue playing this mythical game, and let’s keep on the celebration.

Happy anniversary, Grepolis – here’s to many more years of epic battles and enduring friendships in the ancient world of Greece!


Social Media & Communications Team