In Forge of Empires, the journey through time is more than just a progression of eras. It’s an exploration of human history, culture, and innovation. As we delve into the Space Age, we unravel the mystery and threads that space itself brings with it. This means reality is driving our main inspiration.

The Space Ages are especially interesting. Not only do they not exist so far for us in reality -which makes it difficult to imagine what could be – but also the vastness of the galaxy opens up so many opportunities.

The same goes for settlements. The human story is filled with history and imagination. Cultures, resources, stories, colors, shapes, character and so much more surrounds us.

The Cosmic Beauty

As we ascend to the Space Age, we find ourselves propelled by curiosity and ambition. This was the fuel for so many before us already to answer the question – can we master this journey? Can we build a colony on Mars? Yes, yes we can! And now that we can travel through our solar system, the quest for resources begins. In Space Age: Asteroid Belt we gather the needed resources to venture further in order to colonize areas with harsher conditions: Venus. In this age, the basic human needs of food and lifestyle are more important than ever for the colonists. And while relaxing on Venus is nice, the next adventures await us in the icy depths of the Jupiter Moon oceans. Where nothing other than biology is important. Research and knowledge is what drives the scientists. The step after Biology is Chemistry. Titan is the perfect place to create a colony that researches not only new chemicals, but also develops the very first prototype of a true Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s enjoy the ride through the future. Who knows where we will go next?

Historical Kaleidoscope

The settlements in Forge of Empires are not mere collections of buildings or characters; they are a place to experience the beauty of history. The Vikings evoke the spirit of strength. Feudal Japan honors tradition and discipline. Ancient Egypt’s pyramids stand as monuments to ingenuity. The Aztecs’ sun temples radiate cosmic energy, while the Mughal Empire’s temples blend artistry and the beauty of nature. And let’s not forget Polynesia, where the ocean connects islands and cultures. Each of those cultures inherit such a rich history that even the idea of them brings us joy and inspiration.

Who knows what else will inspire us in the future. And will it be more cultures or will it be something else? We want to stay as true to our history, science and the achievements of humanity as possible. This can be quite difficult. But inspiration really can be found anywhere. A movie, a talk with friends, shapes, colors, ideas, documentations, current achievements or happenings.

Reality is inspiration. The universe is our canvas.

Aylin (Game Designer)

By Fiene