“We’re here to make great games for our players – with high quality, virtual worlds that link millions of people around the world. Anywhere, anytime.”

This is our mission and if you play one or more of our games you know that we are living this mission. We want to share what is happening behind the scenes to bring this mission statement to life.

In addition to being a company that makes great games, we are also a tech company that has solved a variety of technical challenges and is gathering experience with new challenges.
Until today, we have shared many of these insights solely within InnoGames in internal blog posts, tech talks and other formats – internal open information sharing is, after all, one of our core company values. But we asked ourselves why should we limit the audience to InnoGames employees?

Today I’m excited to introduce you to our new tech blog where we would like to share insights into these challenges and discuss them with you. You can expect interesting facts about the various technologies and technical infrastructure we use, thoughts about software architecture and software development processes as well as many, many more exciting topics on a regular basis.

We will write about numerous aspects of Unity from unit testing, performance improvements through to terrain shaders and beyond. We will also write about backend development in Java and PHP and tackle topics like proper API design, reactive and aspect-oriented programming.
We plan to shed some light onto the systems that stand behind our successful games as we talk about event tracking, business intelligence and our data-driven approach as well as providing some valuable details on how we approach QA.

We hope you will enjoy reading as much as we do. So, stay tuned, there is more to come …