What Community Management cannot exist without

Our primary support goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible in a browser game, as the most important element of InnoGames’ GmbH success is a happy community. This task is not achieved easily. The organization and daily tasks surrounding our valuable customers require a lot of planning, energy and sensitivity. The main faces of our customer support are embodied by our Community Managers (CM).

Not only do the CMs have direct contact with the community, they are also in constant interaction with InnoGames. They are the links who provide the best possible communication between both sides. The communities identify with their CM and see him or her as their channel to the company. The company sees the voice of the CM as a representation of his or her respective community.


The essence of community management is to build, maintain and organize the community, to moderate the forums, look after social media and assess the players’ contributions. All relevant information is then forwarded to the InnoGames headquarters. The first important task is to organize and bring structure into the community. We are using several different channels to get in touch with our players: the forum, Facebook or the support system, which is made up of committed teams which will lend players a helping hand.

… the most important skills are commitment, honesty and transparence.

There is a very long list with mandatory requirements for being a dedicated Community Manager. We would like to point out that for us the most important skills are commitment, honesty and transparence. These traits help to explain the decisions of the company to the community and highlight our intentions and thought processes behind them. If there is criticism from the community, we should react and discuss the reasons for it.


We are thankful for all input, as it allows us to improve our games for our players. This is how we wish to improve our products and give the players modern, interesting and, of course, innovative games. Even wrong decisions and mistakes from our side should be communicated honestly and openly. It is human to make mistakes, and thanks to the player´s feedback we can identify these issues and improve them. That is why honesty and transparent conversations are a fundamental part of our communication with our players.


We work very hard to proactively identify potential pitfalls and react before they can happen. Thinking a step ahead lets us avoid problems before they can occur and that saves us time, which we in turn can invest into the communities’ development. Over the years we have gotten to know our community better and better and hope, with their help, that we can optimize our support and make sure to have a more fun, smooth and exciting gaming experience.

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  1. “the most important skills are commitment, honesty and transparence”
    Customer care is a great aim, but needs people who understand the meaning to have a real CC.
    Unluckily the community manager do not know the real meaning (at least in Italy) and act as dictators without asking their self what and why player do or don’t do something.
    After almost 3 year of Grepolis, I live the game because the attitude of people handling the day by day game.

    • Hey Franco, thank you for your feedback. If you have questions or problems concerning the game or your account, please use our support tool (http://support.innogames.de) as we are not able to check your account here. In the tool, you can choose the person you want to talk to, for example a Community Manager instead of a supporter.

  2. What good is support when you get one Moderator who can ban you permanently just because he does not like what you said. We come to other parts of this company when Support does not do what is right legally or morally.

    • We take client satisfaction very seriously and try to give the best support we can. No moderator bans based on personal preference or personal conflicts with players.

  3. I’ve been trying to contact someone at Innogames re mismanagement of the admins in the country where I play. They are playing on servers where they are admins, using several names. They were in my alliance which is difficult when you know they are the admin. And no, there is no one else to contact in my country. We are a group of older players spending quite a lot of money and we want this to STOP! It is impossible to make any central contact which is why I am writing in this blog.

      • I know a lot of game operators do their job very well, but in Spain we have a very big problem with them, because some of them have double accounts in the game and they are using their upper position to obtain benefits and the spanish Community Manager seems to be blind about this matter.
        Some spanish players are frustrated and disgusted about this, so they are stopping playing Forge of Empires.
        This is a very good game, but this unfair situation makes the game unplayable. We have a very big barrier between InnoGames and us, called spanish Community Manager.
        This kind of attitude is what is giving a bad image about your job.
        Please, try to analize this problem, fix it and a lot of people will feel grateful to you forever.
        Thanks if somebody is reading me and do something.

  4. Why my messages are not answered? this is the way you are trying to help gamers? my question is so difficult to be responded? this is a shame!

    • Hello,
      Please refrain from spamming in order to get a faster response. We hold all our community management members to the same standards. Please report this to the support system or write an email to info@innogames.com

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